5 Sweet Snacks That Will Curb A Craving Without Ruining Your Diet


Dieting to lose weight or stay healthy is not easy, ask almost anyone. There are a multitude of temptations just waiting to sway you away from your goal. Fast food restaurants loom everywhere you go, and office treats taunt you at every turn which is why you need to have a battle plan. If you have a sweet tooth it is better to give into your craving in a positive way rather than waiting until it becomes overwhelming and pigging out. Try out these tried and true junk food alternatives next time you have a craving. If you are planner then pick a few that you like and keep the items on hand for when the need arises you have healthy options. Too often, it is late at night when you want a sweet treat and the only options you have are unhealthy so you eat what you have. Fix that and you are one step closer to a healthier lifestyle!

Greek yogurt with honey and nuts- This sweet treat is great frozen and can trick your mind into thinking it is real ice cream. Yum!

Flavored, sugar-free gum- This option may sound odd but it has zero calories, a wide variety of flavors to choose from, and can easily be kept a purse, pocket, or desk for a craving.

Fruit- Fresh or frozen fruits are the natural solution for those with a sweet tooth, pick your favorite and indulge without the guilt. For added pleasure, dip in yogurt or nut butter!

Popsicle’s- These may be your kid’s treats but if you are in a pinch, grab one for yourself. They are usually just water, low calorie, lots of varieties, and simple to DIY if you desire.

Fruit Chips- Baked apple or banana chips satisfy your sweet tooth and are great for those of us who enjoy snacking while watching TV, etc.

Now that you are armed with these super simple, inexpensive sweets, kicking that next craving will be a piece of cake; not literally! Try to avoid desserts and drinks with artificial sweeteners, they may cause bloating and can work against your diet, not to mention potential health problems. No matter how hardcore you are, eventually you will slip up in your diet. Do not worry about the setback but rather consider what pushed you into that slip. Determine the cause and work to prevent it by advanced preparations.

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